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tumblr_lwq854q8Ds1qfj0rro1_500Happy Holidays from Kromatron comics.

With our first year officially as Kromatron comics coming to a close ,we’re starting to batten down the hatches & prepare ourselves for mince pies ,eggnog and yuletide festivities so all that’s left to do is wish you all a very merry holiday and a huge THANKYOU! We couldn’t be happier with the support you’ve all shown us and for Afroella, it really has spurred us on to keep up the momentum and deliver even more for the coming year. With issue 2 on the horizon, more characters to introduce and a sprinkling of convention appearances here’s to great things in 2012.

Much love

Lee & Gem

ks2As an early Christmas present and a thankyou for all your support , here’s one of our favourite pages from Afroella issue 1.

tumblr_lvveksoFuq1r7m2tso1_400 vissastudios:

“I want this doll for Christmas”

We love this doll and want one too so if you fancy getting us a prezzie.

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