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I decided to write this post primarily because I often get asked how I wrote Afroella (as if I were a comic-writing guru).

I’m defiantly not a guru but I have written a comic I’m proud of and I know that it can be a frustrating, keyboard-breaking, madness-inducing coffee-fuelled adventure. I also know that the reward of having a complete, finished comic that you love is … just AMAZING.

I learned so much on my comic journey, as you no doubt will too.  So here it is; my guide to writing a comic.

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kickstarter-logo copyThanks so much, you are all so awesome for sticking with us or joining us when it looked like we wouldn’t get all our funding on time. There is a lot of love for you guys in Kromatron towers right now! But really this message is to say Whoop Whoop we did it y’all!

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We’re still recovering from the amazingness that was New York Comic Con (lots of pics to come) and now we’re back home things are busier than ever.

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