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Click the pic above to catch our audio interview at Kapow Comic Con with Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider alongside some great interviews with Gary Erskine, Mark Millar and Jonathan Ross to name a few [we’re around 1:14:30 just after Gary Erskine]

imageMassively overwhelmed and grateful for our Afroellas best female character nomination at the Glyph Awards . We really couldn’t be happier. The competition is strong and to be nominated alongside them is a huge honour. Thank you all at the Glyph awards and thank you to everyone who has shown their support for the character since her launch.

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A fantastic review of issue 1 from Geek Syndicate complete with audio interview. Was a lot of fun chatting Kromatron so if you fancy hearing what we have to say on all things Afroella and her creation, head on over and give it a listen.

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