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Click the pic above to catch our audio interview at Kapow Comic Con with Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider alongside some great interviews with Gary Erskine, Mark Millar and Jonathan Ross to name a few [we’re around 1:14:30 just after Gary Erskine]

A fantastic review of issue 1 from Geek Syndicate complete with audio interview. Was a lot of fun chatting Kromatron so if you fancy hearing what we have to say on all things Afroella and her creation, head on over and give it a listen.

A great review from James Bacon over at Forbidden Planet International blog, click through the link to read his full recap of Leeds Thought Bubble Festival . Here’s an excerpt , to say we’re over the moon with this is an understatement. Thank you sir!

“As well as sketches, I have a small amount of money for self published comics. This is a cottage industry on an incredible scale, and I am spoilt for choice and limited by funds, so I consider carefully the comics that I do buy. The first stand that really strikes me is a 3D display and bright imagery for Afroella. Described by the pleasant Gemma Bedeau as a ‘blaxploitation Barberella’ she explained that herself and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson had been working on it a year, and I can see the fruits of their labour. Straight away the strong colours and strikingly clear artwork in a realistic but cartoon style are captivating, but it is the added cleverness of the characters and the rollicking science fiction story that makes it a real winner.”

Thought Bubble comics con 2011 01Words and image James Bacon

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