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To keep myself amused I often get a little distracted with flights of fancy. Todays sidetracking resulted in the housemates undergoing a zombie makeover!


 I’m tempted to draw up a mini story …actually…scrap that idea…Gemmmmm…can we do an undead issue of a Cautionary Tale


Meet Felix, Carl, Tim and Naomi!


I’ve had a lot of fun illustrating these guys over the past few months and couldn’t imagine them any other way now but in the very beginning they looked pretty different… see below


 Back when Gem was first fleshing out the concept ,I came up with this motley bunch. Although I was on the right track with the other two the big fella never really fittted with how things were progressing [though keep an eye out in issue 1 for a background cameo!].

Some elements have managed to stay throughout such as Felix’ hair and Carl’s outfit & goatee [which at this point was for Tim].

As the story developed three soon became four with the addition of another girl and so began a bit more character concepting….

imageTheir final look fell into place after many sketching sessions with Gem [involving much coffee and cake] when we decided to base them on some of our close friends….. although mostly flattered they’ve since pointed out how obvious it is that we’ve put ourselves in there too.

Whether it was subconscious or blatant narcisism I’ll admit there are a few similarities! Maybe some character name changing is in order…

Felix, Carl ,Gem & Lee perhaps?

Welcome to the official blog of Kromatron Comics. The mutated brain child of writer artist team-up Gemma Bedeau and Lee Fenton-Wilkinson

Come in, have a cup of tea and some cake with us.

Over the next year we’ll be releasing a number of titles featuring nanas, gnomes, zombies, busty sci-fi ladies an eccentric professor and a couple scurvy pirates…

Hopefully there’ll be something that tickles your fancy.

We’ll be updating you here with the latest character and concept art, sneaky peaks at story tidbits as well as letting you know what makes us tick!

2011 is going to be a big year and we hope you’ll join us for the ride. We’ll be making a number of convention appearances throughout the coming months so stay tuned for dates and venues…

Take care and come back soon!

Gem and Lee

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