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A little overdue , here’s a few pics from our table at London Super Comic Con . This was the first year for London Super Comic Con and have to say the organisers did a great job in making it memorable. An amazing lineup of artists and writers made for a fantastic weekend made even better by the presence of the great Stan Lee. It’s rare for a comics show to purely concentrate on comics and this was a refreshing move.

Our table of Afroella wares , buy buy buy, sell sell sell!


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imageMassively overwhelmed and grateful for our Afroellas best female character nomination at the Glyph Awards . We really couldn’t be happier. The competition is strong and to be nominated alongside them is a huge honour.┬áThank you all at the Glyph awards and thank you to everyone who has shown their support for the character since her launch.

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tumblr_lx5cc4HgkN1qfj0rro1_500Attack of the Rad:10s

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